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PTO Meeting Dates
(all meeting will be at 9:30am unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday, August 21st -  Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 11th - 
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 2nd - 
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 6th - 
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, December 4th - 
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 15th - 
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 5th
Tuesday, March 5th
Tuesday, April 2nd
Tuesday, May 7th

PTO meetings will be held at the Walnut Grove campus unless noted. 

Typical meetings include an update from the principal and PTO president, a financial update, details on ongoing events and fundraisers and, in some meetings, a vote on proposed purchases.

Please come join us!
WGES Dads Club Breakfast
(meets before school on dates below from 7:00am – 7:45am)

Friday, September 7th
Friday, October 12th 
Friday, November 2nd
Friday, December 14th
Friday, January 11th
Friday, February 8th
Friday, April 5th
April Dads Breakfast - Club


Celebrating Birthdays

Carroll ISD is an Allergy Aware District.  The goal of Health Services is to protect the health and safety of all students while at school.  Due to an increase in food allergies, undiagnosed food allergies, food intolerances, diabetes and cultural preferences, we are hopeful families will join and support our efforts to accommodate all students and become Allergy Aware.  We cannot guarantee an allergen free environment, but we can abide by the CISD Food Allergy Management plan to minimize unwanted exposure to food allergies and discourage sharing of foods to keep our Dragons safe.
Carroll ISD restricts all peanuts and tree nuts from classrooms; this includes daily snacks, birthday celebrations and class parties.  All food items brought into school for classroom consumption must be coordinated by the classroom teacher, be store bought and have an ingredient label attached to the packaging.  Any label that states the following is NOT permitted in the classroom:
“May contain peanuts or tree nuts”
 “Processed on shared equipment with nuts”
“Manufactured in a plant containing  peanuts or tree nuts”
 “Contains peanuts or tree nut ingredients”
For safe food options please visit 
Students may bring a store bought birthday treat to their homeroom classroom to share with classmates.