Time To send in your
Box Tops!

Please clip Box Tops - each one is worth 10 cents for your school!

We Earned $900 last year in Box Tops!

Box Tops can be found on hundreds of quality products
from brands like these:

    General Mills       Pillsbury
Betty Crocker       Ziploc  
Kleenex                Hefty

Visit Btfe.com for a complete list of participating brands
and to learn more about how you can help our school.

Box Top are Due:

Wednesday October 24th

Place tabs in Box Tops Boxes that are around the school

Please no expired Box Tops


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Our goal is to channel a bit of the Olympic spirit right here at the Grove…for the benefit of our beloved children and the educators who teach them.

Grove Games Has Been Rescheduled for Monday, October 22nd.
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      Happy Birthday to our
WGES Teachers and Staff!

10/04  Caroline Hosler 
10/04  Tiffany Delbridge
10/11  Denise Huddle
10/12  Stacey Gillis
10/16  Donna Clarissmeaux
10/20  Lorianne Hartman
10/22  Carol Larson
10/22  Rachel Cady
10/24  Michelle Capello
10/24  Nicole Athans
10/27  Jane Cooper
10/30  Sheri Dudley

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