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Walnut Grove Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of parent volunteers who are dedicated to supporting the students, teachers and staff of Walnut Grove Elementary.

Our volunteer-led committees work together to create an engaging and supportive environment for our entire school community. From organizing fundraising events and socials, to providing teacher appreciation gifts and volunteering in classrooms,  we strive to make a positive difference in our school. 

All donations to the WGES PTO are tax deductible with the majority of funding spent in the same school year.

WGES PTO 2023-2024 Executive Committee

pto board.jpg

WGES PTO 2023-2024 Board Members

Kindergarten Coordinator 

Carla Munley

First Grade Coordinators

Kristin Kenefick

Nikki Shah

Second Grade Coordinator

Lacy Maykus

Third Grade Coordinator

Kristle Watchler

Fourth Grade Coordinator

Ileana Lutkenhaus

Music Volunteer Coordinator

Sharon Meyer

Science Volunteer Coordinator

Nichole Gilmartin

Fall Fundraiser

Sharon Meyer

Parent/Child Event: Mother/Son

Kristle Watchler

Elizabeth Wall

Online Auction Chairs

Bryanna Roop

Bria Riehl

Landscape Liaison

Ileana Lutkenhaus

Welcome Chairs

Sara Robbins

Nikita Azevedo

School Decor

Rachel Curry

Yearbook Coordinator

Ileana Lutkenhaus

Kids Take Over the Day Chairs

Leigh Ann Downing

Lauren Biery

The Gifting Project

Gisella Sowin

Donuts with Dads Coordinators

Katie Valentine

Sarah Robbins

CEF Liaison

Erin Ingram

Morning with Mom Coordinator

Ileana Lutkenhaus

Quest Aides

Leigh Ann Downing

Celena Badylak

PE Volunteer Coordinator

Stephanie DeYoung

Office Volunteer Coordinator

Corie Brown


Library Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth (Ebby) Hooton

Copy Room/Laminating Coordinator

Jennie Fisher

Art Volunteer Coordinator

Nichole Gilmartin

Public Relations

Nikita Azevedo

K/4th Grade Graduation Coordinator

Tara Britton

Spring Fundraiser

Marla Anderson

Tabitha Kane

Bryanna Roop

Jessica Berrios

Parent/Child Event - Father/Daughter

Gisella Sowin

School Director Chair

Nichole Gilmartin

Spirit Shop Chairs

Lindsey McShea

Kim Bullock

Amy Childress

Betsy Preston

Hospitality Chairs (Teacher Luncheons, TAW)

Kristle Watchler

Christine Johnsen

Nina Pryor

Treat Cart Coordinators (TAW)

Tina Wilkins

Beth Roberson

Lauren Biery

Catie Weitkamp

Teacher Appreciation Week Chairs

Nichole Gilmartin

Mary Hildreth

Dad's Club Chair 

Doug/Mary Hildreth

Multicultural Event Chairs

Ileana Lutkenhaus

Mary Hildreth

Birthday Shoutouts

Nichole Gilmartin

Recycling Coordinator

Nikita Azevedo

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