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Inspiring Our Dragons at Every Turn

Below please find the full 2023-2024 WGES Staff Roster. Each name links directly to the staff member's favorite things list.


Stefan Benedetti, Music, Team Lead

Denise Huddle, Art

Michelle Capello, Librarian

Brianna Hall, PE Teacher

Stacey Maeker, PE Assistant

Cindy Easley, PE Assistant

Lisa Timmerman, Quest

Jennifer Whitfill, Science Lab

Special Staff 

Allison Gunderson, SPED Teacher, Team Lead

Pamela Papa, SPED Teacher

Marissa Lopez, SPED Teacher

Lisa Butcher, SPED Assistant

Michelle Conwell, SPED Assistant

Shayla Kinnel, SPED Assistant

Carla Munley, SPED Assistant

Debbie Johnson, ACE Teacher

Andrea Hemphill, ACE Teacher

Nicole Batiste, ACE Assistant

TBD, ACE Assistant

Rachel White, ACE Assistant

Sherry Sickler, ESL Teacher

Jennifer Cox, Language Science Teacher

Brittany Karner, Language Science Teacher

Shana Lane, Language Science Teacher

Danielle Nicholson, Occupational Therapy

Stacey Carey, Physical Therapy

Kerry Barnes, Reading Specialist, Team Lead

Kelly Willis, Reading Specialist

Sara Compton, Speech

Ginger Wolfe, Part-time Speech

Tasharry Seay, Special Programs


District Hire, LSSP

Jennifer Heare, Diagnostician


Flavia Araujo, Cafe Manager

Ana Palma

Margarita Dominguez

Custodial Staff

Evaristo Pineda, Day Lead

Tania Woolsey, Night Lead

Hilvea Contreras, Mid-Day

Esperanza Villatoro, Night

Blanca Villatoro, Night

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