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  • What is the purpose of PTO?
    The purpose of the WGES PTO is to promote the welfare of our children and to enrich their school environment by: Providing school volunteer programs. Participating in fundraising activities as determined by the PTO General Membership in order to provide support for the educational and recreational needs of WGES students. Promoting open communication between administration, teachers, and parents.
  • Why do we need a PTO?
    In addition to providing volunteers and supporting communication, the Walnut Grove PTO purchases, help supplement state funding. As Carroll ISD is required to submit a significant portion of tax funding to the state under “Robin Hood”, the PTO helps fill this void so that our students and teachers can continue enjoying the outstanding learning environment we may take for granted.​
  • How can I support PTO?
    Join the PTO Membership is $27 per family and includes access to our new online student directory app. Membership forms are part of the WGES First Day Form which is available during the Carroll ISD annual student verification or on our home page. We ask that you complete the First Day Form even if you do not join, volunteer and family sponsor opportunities are available. Come to PTO Meetings PTO meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. All PTO members are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion about important issues concerning our students, staff, and school. During the meeting we will share information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, class needs and other topics related to WGES. Our PTO meetings are usually on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Your input & vote is critical to a successful PTO. Typical meetings include an update from the principal and PTO president, a financial update, details on ongoing events and fundraisers and, in some meetings, a vote on proposed purchases. Exact dates are on WGES subscribe calendar. Volunteer We have ways for EVERYONE to help! This includes moms, dads, grandparents, etc. both in home and at school. Simply fill out a Background Check as required by Carroll ISD. When you fill out your First Day Form, volunteer signups are included. If you have questions or would like to add to your volunteer choices, contact Nikita Azevedo at Participate in Fundraisers PTO funds are crucial to our school, but we don’t ask WGES kids to sell any fundraising products during the school year. Instead, during 2021-2022, we will have 2 events. The Family Fun Fest will kick off our school year. This is a carnival like event where all WGES Families can come together and meet and mingle. Tickets will be sold, and we will also have some items to auction off at the event/online. For our 2nd event, we are bringing back The Dragon Huff & Puff. This will be held at school and will be a 1-mile fun run/walk/skip on a course. A pledging drive will lead up to our event. Corporate and Family sponsorships will be available and will be lining the course the kids will run. Kids will have the opportunity to raise money to sponsor their run! Additional information for both these events will be passed along closer to their dates. Other fundraisers include: Online auctions – Twice yearly online auctions let you bid on fun WGES experiences, including Time with your Teacher and Kids take over the Day (Teacher for the Day). WGES PTO Spirit Shop Come get your Dragon gear and support the school. Follow our Spirit Shop page on Facebook. All proceeds benefit the PTO.
  • How can I learn about PTO news and information?
    Join our​ Facebook page. Subscribe to PTO Post. It is delivered via email every Monday morning and contains important info for the coming week. When completing your First Day Form ensure that you share your information with your class homeroom parent and elect to receive emails from the class representatives. They will make sure you know what is happening with class parties and events.
  • What has PTO done for our school and kids in recent years?
    Fundraising PTO spent over $300 per WGES student in program-related expenses. These purchases included playground equipment upgrades, teacher training, classroom workbooks and reading materials, technology improvements, educational software, and enrichment programs. Volunteers PTO is the primary source for WGES volunteers. PTO volunteers spend countless hours at the school and at home helping with teacher projects and planning, making copies, supervising lunch times, reading to students, helping in the library, planting and maintaining educational gardens, planning class events, helping kids recycle, coordinating parent-child activities, preparing and serving teacher appreciation meals and snacks, coordinating and executing student service projects, and much, much more!
  • What is the lunch schedule?
  • How do I enroll a new student at WGES?
    Families new to Carroll ISD, please click here to start enrolling your new student. If you already have other students attending Carroll ISD, and are needing to enroll an additional student, please login to Family Access and select the New Student Online Enrollment tab to begin the application process. Parents of all Carroll ISD students (including new enrollees) are required to complete verification for each of their students annually prior to the first day of school. For your convenience, verification will be available online from early to mid August each year within Skyward Family Access.
  • How can I stay informed on what's happening at WGES?
    We work hard to communicate with parents through multiple channels and methods. Here are our main methods of communication: · Subscribe to the PTO Post. · Subscribe to the WGES calendar · Follow us on the WGES Facebook Page and WGES PTO Facebook Group . · Follow @WGESPTO and @WGESdragons on Twitter. Many teachers also have Twitter accounts . · Follow @wges_pto on Instagram. · Our Principal, Dr. Davis, will send periodic emails to all the parents registered through the Skyward Family Access. · PTO Website · Sign up for texts from the WGES Parent Remind Group by texting @wgespar to the number 81010. · You will also receive periodic flyers in your child’s folder with information on current events. · Check out the latest updates on the School Website
  • How do I get more information about what's happening across CISD?
    Mobile Dragon App is available in the App Store and Google Play. Search “Carroll Dragons” to find and download the app. Signup for Dragon eblast Follow @CarrollISD on Twitter.
  • What is the curriculum at WGES?
    Encore Encore is the name for those awesome extra classes that our kids go to each day, like PE, Music and Art. At WGES we are on a 7-day Encore rotation with the following classes making up the 7 days: 2 days of high impact PE, 1 day of Music, 1 day of Art, 1 day of low impact PE and 2 days of Science lab. The order and rotation of these classes is different for each homeroom class and will be communicated by your Homeroom Teacher. Be sure that your kids have athletic shoes for each day of PE both high and low impact. K-2nd Students will be instructed by their homeroom teacher for all of their core subjects, like math, reading, science and social studies. 3rd-4th Most student will have one teacher for reading and social studies and another for math and science. We often call the teacher that is not their homeroom teacher the “switch teacher”. Classes that have only one teacher are called "self contained classes".
  • How do conferences work at WGES?
    Generally, we have one teacher conference per year with your homeroom teacher for grades K through 2nd. Annual conferences generally include both the homeroom and switch teacher for grades 3 and 4. Teachers are regularly available for questions throughout the year by contacting them directly.
  • What is the device policy at WGES?
    Each child receives an iPad that will remain at the school. Carroll ISD Implemented New Electronic Device Policy for the 2019-2020 School Year. To use school software at home, download the ClassLink app.
  • Is there any grade specific information I should know?
    K-2nd At the end of each grading period, your child will receive a report card with numbers to indicate the progress level toward mastery on each objective assessed during that grading period. The number system is as follows: 1 = Below Grade Level Expectation 2 = Making Progress 3 = Mastered Expectation Grades are available on Skyward Family Access or the Skyward App. 3rd-4th Beginning in 3rd grade, students receive number grades on their work. You can visit Skyward at any time during the grading period to see these grades and monitor their progress. The average of these number grades will be reflected in their report card at the end of each grading period. Grades are available on Skyward Family Access or the Skyward App.
  • How do class parties work?
    Each class will have at least 3 class parties – Winter / Holiday party, Valentines party and the End of the Year party. In addition to these 3 parties, 1st grade will have a Pumpkin Spin party at Halloween. There is no need to bring anything for these parties. The classroom donations from the First Day Forms will cover these. You will receive information about parties from your class party coordinator or from your teacher.
  • What should I know about lunch at WGES?
    We usually have two Lunch Volunteers every day for grades K – 1st. You can volunteer to help with lunch on your First Day Form or, later in the year, on the volunteer link You can view the lunch menu on Carroll ISD webpage. Parents/guardians may deposit money into the student’s account via MySchoolBucks .
  • Do you have a list of helpful CISD links?
    WGES webpage: WGES News: Parent Remind (Attached) Family Access CISD Website CISD Calendar: Dragon e-Blasts: Background Check:
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