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  • Encore is the name for those awesome extra classes that our kids go to each day, like PE, Music and Art. At WGES we are on a 7-day Encore rotation with the following classes making up the 7 days: 2 days of high impact PE, 1 day of Music, 1 day of Art, 1 day of low impact PE and 2 days of Science lab. The order and rotation of these classes is different for each homeroom class and will be communicated by your Homeroom Teacher. Be sure that your kids have athletic shoes for each day of PE both high and low impact.




  • K – 2 nd 

  • Students will be instructed by their homeroom teacher for all of their core subjects, like math, reading, science and social studies.

  • 3 rd & 4 th 

  • Most student will have one teacher for reading and social studies and another for math and science. We often call the teacher that is not their homeroom teacher the “switch teacher”. Classes that have only one teacher are called "self contained classes".


  • Generally, we have one teacher conference per year with your homeroom teacher for grades K through 2nd. Annual conferences generally include both the homeroom and switch teacher for grades 3 and 4. Teachers are regularly available for questions throughout the year by contacting them directly.

Device Policy

  • Each child receives an iPad that will remain at the school.

  • Carroll ISD Implemented New Electronic Device Policy for the 2019-2020 School Year.

  • To use school software at home, download the ClassLink app.


K – 2 nd 

At the end of each grading period, your child will receive a report card with numbers to indicate the progress level toward mastery on each objective assessed during that grading period. The number system is as follows:

  • 1 = Below Grade Level Expectation

  • 2 = Making Progress

  • 3  = Mastered Expectation

Grades are available on Skyward Family Access or the Skyward App.

3 rd & 4 th 

  • Beginning in 3rd grade, students receive number grades on their work. You can visit Skyward at any time during the grading period to see these grades and monitor their progress. The average of these number grades will be reflected in their report card at the end of each grading period.

  • Grades are available on Skyward Family Access or the Skyward App.

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